Welcome the future.

To our people,

When we started this business in 2009, we had no idea what path was ahead. Playground Inc. was founded by five college friends who believed that there wasn’t anything we couldn’t figure out how to do.

Over the last twelve years, we’ve been lucky to work with a relatively small group of unbelievably talented, passionate people and together, we’ve made some truly incredible products. We’ve built a rare culture and shipped work that continues to fill us with a deep sense of accomplishment. Playground Inc. is our life’s work.

This journey has been enriching—the products we are trusted to design and the immense talent we’ve had to collaborate with are not things we take for granted. We’re so grateful to everyone who has contributed to the Playground Inc. story. It’s taken us places we’ve never been and given us opportunities to collaborate with brands and people we never thought possible.

Since 2009, we’ve built a team of passionate, experienced, and empowered designers and technologists; all brought together around a shared vision that has, In many ways, never changed:

We're just a group of people trying to make cool stuff for the internet.

Playground Inc. has always been an experiment in doing something we’d never done before. A rotating cast of scrappy go-getters willing to take risks and do things differently. Life doesn’t come with many instructions, and maybe that’s okay. We were figuring it out together, and that’s what mattered.

We constantly encourage our clients to welcome the future—and today, it’s our chance to do the same. We’re excited to announce that Playground Inc. is joining Versett, a global digital transformation firm. While Playground Inc. is no longer, our people and dreams continue under a new roof.

Established in 2012, Versett leads high-growth companies’ strategy, design, and development processes. With over 350 specialists in design, engineering, and strategy, Versett’s teams work globally in offices in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, Luxemburg, Geneva, Vienna, Sydney, Paris and Brussels. As our teams come together as Versett, we will continue to strive to do the best work and make the best products that positively impact as many people as possible.

While we are excited to join Versett and for what’s to come, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how we’ve gotten to where we are today. We want to thank our team, past and present—anyone who’s played a part in this grand experiment. To our clients, thank you for the trust and for allowing us to have fun.

What can you expect from us in the future? Playground people are still a part of the Versett team. We have the same dream we did since day one and will continue with the ethos that made Playground’s culture and work extraordinary. The only difference is a larger team, more capabilities, a global impact, and more fuel to throw on the fire.

Empower people.
Subvert everything.
Be nice.

We love you. Thanks for everything.

K thnx bye,

Scott Boniface, Ryan Bannon, Dave Senior, and the Playground Team.