We create value for businesses by creating value for people.

We work with businesses, but we have an ulterior motive. People. We love people, they’re so interesting and squishy. We are obsessed with making things for people and seeing how they use them, and then making those things better. We believe that helping businesses change the way they think about and service people will help make people’s lives better, and put a smile on their squishy little faces.


Samaneh Sadaghiani

COO / Founder

Samaneh’s professional background is a mix of law, accounting and creative advertising. After developing her diverse skill set, she co-founded Playground Inc. to focus her efforts on building and growing her dream team. She brings organization and provides financial guidance to the management team at Playground Inc.

Dave Senior

Chief Growth Officer / Partner

Dave has been deeply involved in the digital space for his entire professional life. As the co-founder of the photo sharing application Burstn, he was part of the inaugural incubation round at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone. From pitch meetings in Silicon Valley to visiting startups in the EU, Dave has collected a global understanding of the entrepreneurial space which he brings home to Canadian innovators looking to navigate these sometimes dicey waters. Today, he leverages his skills and network as a strategist at Playground Inc. He helps teach startups to think like big business and big businesses to think like startups.

Scott Boniface

Director of Marketing Services / Founder

Scott started his career in advertising as a copywriter for brands such as BMW and McDonald’s. His passion for storytelling, design and building products led him to co-found Playground Inc. Since then Scott has been solving problems, fostering healthy relationships and delivering value for people with excellent results. For him, success is a nourished team doing meaningful work for clients with dreams of making the web a better place.

Ryan Bannon

Creative Director / Founder

Since co-founding Playground Inc. in 2009, Ryan has played a significant role in shaping the agency’s creative vision. Ryan’s passion for great work, from fostering collaboration between Playground Inc.’s world-class design and technology teams to leading its most innovative and notarized projects, inspires industry juniors and its most seasoned leaders. Ryan has won several international awards and was listed in Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in 2012. This is affirmation that in his still nascent career, Ryan has and will continue to produce industry-defining work for Playground’s clients.

What We Do


No really, people. So much of your life and your business, it all comes down to people. The products you use, the systems you navigate, the ways you think about and conceptualize things. You owe all those to teams of people collaborating, sharing and building. If you’re a potential client reading this (Hi! 👋) this is the thing you’re investing in—this is where awards, and ROI, and success come from—this is what matters. People. Making quality products takes quality people, and we think ours are some of the best.


Creating something new is a leap of faith. We believe in looking before we leap. We collect and ask and analyze and think and organize and ponder until our ponderers are sore; or at least until we all feel comfortable with the general direction we’re heading.


It’s what we do. We believe design has unlimited possibilities. Our design is inclusive, accessible and human. Design is our way of processing, understanding and affecting the world. Design is how we solve every problem—logistical, visual, technical, gastronomical, whatever. Design is what we use to create things that empower, inspire, and drive results. We are all designers and you can be one with us.


The best technology disappears into the experience, indistinguishable from magic. Our team of technological magicians (oh god, we really went there) live on the frontier of web and mobile technology. Unlike David Blaine, our users don’t run away from us, they come back; day after day, wondering how the heck we did that. We constantly adapt, learn and change. We don’t just lean on what we already know, we dare to define what’s next. It’s what makes the humanly possible, possible.


Like what you’re seeing and reading? We think your new app, website or project would be even better with great content. We will take a holistic view on your marketing, in-app, and on-site approach to talking with customers and craft beautiful and meaningful messages that will sing. Images so bright they need shades. Copy so sharp you’ll get a paper cut from a screen. Can you believe that? We can handle everything from UX micro-copy to life size photos of dinosaurs. Let’s jam.


Designy, Techy, Friendly Folks.

We are all good at our jobs so it goes without saying that we’re passionate about what we do. We try to find people that are passionate about lots of things, like food and adventure and all the other things you see on Instagram.

But seriously, we want to work with people who are complex and curious and different than we are because we believe that the most interesting things happen in the spaces inbetween and the more unique ingredients we add; the better our funky Playground stew will taste.

Job Opportunities

We are always looking to meet with talented and thoughtful designers, developers and makers.

If you don't see a posting specific to your skills but know you have something to contribute, don't hesitate to reach out anyway!

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