Playground is a digital creative agency. We focus on design, consulting, and technology. We’ve been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for the past 4 years. Each of our endeavours is guided by a strong sense of craftsmanship and passion for the web. We strive to create meaning and value for our customers and their users and seek to imbue our products with a sense of wonder. We are a diverse team of creatives from many backgrounds with a shared desire to help make the web a better place by crafting the best digital experiences.


Samaneh Sadaghiani

COO / Founder

Samaneh’s professional background is a mix of law, accounting and creative advertising. After developing her diverse skill set, she co-founded Playground Inc. to focus her efforts on building and growing her dream team. She brings organization and provides financial guidance to the management team at Playground Inc.

Dave Senior

Chief Growth Officer / Partner

Dave has been deeply involved in the digital space for his entire professional life. As the co-founder of the photo sharing application Burstn, he was part of the inaugural incubation round at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone. From pitch meetings in Silicon Valley to visiting startups in the EU, Dave has collected a global understanding of the entrepreneurial space which he brings home to Canadian innovators looking to navigate these sometimes dicey waters. Today, he leverages his skills and network as a strategist at Playground Inc. He helps teach startups to think like big business and big businesses to think like startups.

Scott Boniface

Director of Marketing Services / Founder

At the ripe age of 18, Scott started his career in advertising as a copywriter for brands such as BMW and McDonald’s. He used his knowledge of the industry and passion for creating to co-found Playground Inc. with the goal to build the best possible digital products and experiences. Scott brings understanding, communication and organization to his role as a project manager to ensure Playground Inc. meets its deadlines with excellent results.

Ryan Bannon

Creative Director / Founder

Since co-founding Playground Inc. in 2009, Ryan has played a significant role in shaping the agency’s creative vision. Ryan’s passion for great work, from fostering collaboration between Playground Inc.’s world-class design and technology teams to leading its most innovative and notarized projects, inspires industry juniors and its most seasoned leaders. Ryan has won several international awards and was listed in Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in 2012. This is affirmation that in his still nascent career, Ryan has and will continue to produce industry-defining work for Playground’s clients.



  • Digital strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Usability research
  • Technology assessment
  • Analytics & measurement


  • User experience design
  • Interface design
  • Mobile & touch design
  • Brand design
  • Motion design
  • Game design
  • Digital video
  • Content Design


  • Interface development
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • E-commerce systems
  • Content management systems
  • API Development
  • System architecture
  • Prototyping


Working at

We are working hard every day to create a world class team of people and an environment where we can create industry leading work. Our passionate, close-knit family always strives to push the boundaries of what's possible and predict the future of technology. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we can't wait to hear from you.


UX Designer

We're looking for designers who can craft beautiful designs while also having a deep understanding of how applications should work and feel. You'll work closely with engineers to develop new interface paradigms and establish all aspects of the user experience on a project. You'll have total creative control over your projects and must be willing to take creative risks, experiment with ideas and approaches, and do whatever it takes to create the best work possible.


  • You'll design everything from style guides and GUIs to page templates.
  • Create and understand user flows, site maps and wireframes.
  • You'll work iteratively: developing ideas from sketches and graphics to prototypes.
  • Collaborate with engineers to craft designs that use modern standards and processes.
  • Love learning about emerging design trends, standards and technology.
  • Aptitude with Photoshop, and an eagerness to learn new tools.


  • Ability to create great icons or illustrations.
  • Understanding of HTML & CSS, especially their issues and quirks.
  • Ability to create motion graphics with Flash or After Effects.

To apply

Resumes are useful, but they don’t say much about a designer’s skills or passion. We would love to see a portfolio of web, mobile or desktop design work along with any wireframes or user flow sketches. It’s useful for us if you also send along an explanation of your background, what you like to work on, and what excites you about working at Playground.