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A little drop of sunshine, online.

We love people and do our best to keep them happy and healthy. Ddrops is an award-winning supplement created to do just that.



  • Teach people about their product line.
  • Convert parents and healthcare practitioners into customers and advocates.
  • Abide by the governing rules for supplements across various different regions.

Shining a light on vitamin D

Ddrops is an amazing product—people needed to know more about the problem it was solving in their lives.

We helped create evergreen content and a beautiful blogging platform to amplify the people behind the research. We made it more approachable and digestible through product photography, illustrations, and custom icon design.

A simple solution

Ddrops are tasteless, odourless, and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours. It’s just the stuff your body needs, pure and simple.

The product experience matches the utility and simplicity of the product itself.

Driving local

In the supplement industry, the rules change by region. Ddrops was legally bound to provide the proper information to different parts of the world.

We created a seamless regional experience, built to know where you’re visiting from and display the right content for your region automatically.

Dropping a pin on the user journey

We performed an audit to determine the key pain points in the customer’s journey. With this information, we were able to simplify the navigation and improve the placement of our calls to action, all of which minimized bounce rates, increased time on site, and converted more customers.

A healthier solution

Ddrops is a healthy solution, and now they have a healthy platform to grow online. Through photography, custom illustrations, and content production, we told better stories about the brand, their products, and the problem Ddrops is solving for people around the world.

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