Ryerson University Student Learning Centre downtown Toronto built by ellisdon


A new foundation for a landmark business.

EllisDon is Canada’s largest privately owned construction company.

For decades, they’ve designed and built some of Canada’s most iconic structures. EllisDon asked our team to help translate their holistic approach to construction into a timeless communications platform.

We needed to make EllisDon shine.


  • Attract top-tier partners and talent
  • Showcase their world-class portfolio of work
  • Grow and adapt to their ever-evolving business

A constant work in progress

EllisDon is perpetually iterating and experimenting with new divisions, services, and offerings; impressive given their international scale.

We delivered a component-based design system to easily and elegantly scale as they introduce new ideas and grow their business.

EllisDon does beautiful work

They take on some of the toughest construction challenges in the world and transform ideas into physical spaces, experienced by millions. To highlight EllisDon’s full capacity, each landmark project needed to tell the detailed story of how it came to be.

Together we designed a platform optimized for storytelling. Each project would be showcased as beautifully online as it was in person.


Much more than a construction company

EllisDon designs, finances, constructs, equips, operates, and manages anything that can be built, resulting in dozens of divisions and lines of business, each with individual needs and offerings.

We created a site that was vast but could be easily maintained. Each project, division, or line of business was built from the same core atomic elements. We established a structure that was comprehensive, repeatable, and beautiful.

I am confident that we have one of the most effective and slick websites in the industry.
Dustin Luchka, Corporate Director, Marketing & Communications, EllisDon

Elevating influence

EllisDon CEO, Geoff Smith, has been a strong voice in the construction industry for years, using EllisDon’s blog to share his insights. EllisDon wasn’t just a construction company, their rethinking how people occupy physical space.

We designed and built the perfect platform for Geoff’s ideas. Its attractive design along with a robust syndication strategy brought Geoff’s thinking to the forefront for construction industry professionals and beyond.


Laying the final brick

If you have the pleasure to meet someone from EllisDon, you’ll notice they possess hustle and an entrepreneurial spirit. They are an active, passionate team. Throughout all of our work with them—assessing their problems and personality, building a platform to showcase these elements—we believe we truly captured the essence of EllisDon.

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