Building the future of payment

Interac has been connecting Canadian banks, businesses, and consumers for over 30 years. We helped them build a Developer Centre, where coders come to learn how to use Interac for their own projects.


  • Provide a resource for building fast and reliable products.
  • Make complex concepts simple—using illustration, content strategy, and UX.
  • Design a scalable, accessible and efficient system.

Making commerce commonplace

By simplifying Interac’s messaging, we were able to connect with developers. This inspired them to build innovative products which change the lives of Canadians every day. We established a detailed yet clean illustrative style to support the resources and convey highly technical concepts.

Everything is connected

Developers are a community of people who are directly connected to technology in their own unique way. To illustrate this, we created visual concepts inspired by a sense of connectedness between people and technology to encourage everyone to reimagine the future with us.

Building a responsive platform

Interac’s platform had to be designed for everyone. From people processing payments every day to developers looking for the latest API.

We designed an experience that would account for a wide range of needs, devices, and levels of experience. We provided the team with an easy-to-use, component-based system for updating content and distributing resources.

Our developer centre has proven to be a strong foundation for growth. It’s flexibility and ease-of-use has created efficiencies in our internal development and integration teams.
Jordan Crombie, Product Architect, Interac

Results you can bank on

Interac’s mission is to connect Canadians with their money. Now, they have the ability to connect developers with the resources and tools to make a meaningful impact on how we process payments every day.