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Sportsnet Mobile

Giving every fan a place to call home

Sports are a part of our daily lives. For the sports fan, it’s a hobby, a pastime, a small piece of their identity. For the casual, it’s part of the fabric of their city and country, a cultural touchstone.

The sports experience is something that can’t be replaced by Netflix. It’s real-time, it’s always updating and it’s a shared moment.

Meeting sports fans where they are

Sports fans are changing how they get their news, highlights, information, and even the way they watch sports – like everyone else, they’re on their phones.

We set out to transform these behaviours into opportunities by:

  • Increasing the speed, style, and accessibility of the content and services.
  • Creating a live-streaming solution for video and other sports content.
  • Establishing a diverse and shareable fan experience.

Keeping score, at scale

Creating a distinct style that captures the Sportsnet brand is one challenge, but the harder challenge is creating a flexible, scalable and responsive design system that can support news, scores, stats, and video from hundreds of games, in tens of sports, with thousands of different players everyday.

Every element needed to be considered and applied to multiple resolutions, data sets, and device types.

Doing it live

Our live-streaming solution would also have to support today’s and future consumers in the emerging OTT space, and it would need to relate to the other content Sportsnet made available to users as they watched. With live streaming, we looked at things a little differently and thought of video as the foundation of the user experience.

You the real MVP

It was crucial that we make Sportsnet’s app the go-to option for sports fans. We strove to design something that was absurdly sports fan-centric.

The app had to be fast. With the number of times people check scores, we wanted a system that could get people to their favourite teams, leagues, and stats as quickly as possible. We built an app around favourites, swipes and quick-views that allowed everything within the app to be accessible within 4 taps.

Hitting a homerun

Canadian sports fans have lots of options. In many ways, we get the best of two worlds with American and Canadian broadcasters competing for our attention. We knew when creating this app, that we weren’t competing just locally. That’s why we had to make something that was absurdly fan-centric.

In a space where the smartest and fastest media companies operate, we managed to bring something new to the table. Sportsnet is the highest rated sports app for Canadians and its live OTT offering is best in class. We managed to increase video views over 700% for mobile channels in the first year alone.

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