In 2012 a startup was founded to deliver the highest quality made-to-measure suits on the web. When the team approached us, they had done their research. They had lined up the best tailors, fabric and designs to create amazing bespoke suits. This level of quality and commitment needed a store and a home.

Suitly was looking to define their online presence in a way that felt as personal and tailored as their suits. Every suit has a unique story to tell, a history and a justification for its style. The website had to reflect that. Additionally, we also wanted to make the user feel as though this site and their suit was custom tailored to them. Playground helped define the concepts, style, tone and also developed the custom content management and e-commerce system. All of which make the craftsmanship of the suits and imagery come alive.

Project Goals

  • Product Stories

    Every style and cut has a story. In order to translate the value of the suits themselves, the site had to sell through these stories. Whether it is a classic cut or a more modern style, there is a justification for every detail.

  • Supply Chain Integration

    Since each order is a custom creation, the team had to create fool-proof systems to pass information along to other members of the production process. The system has a dashboard to process orders, integrations to send purchase orders to suppliers, and tools to manage customer communication.

  • Customizable Checkout

    Every suit has the ability to be customized in a staggering number of ways. With permutations in the thousands and upto 32 customizable elements on a suit there was no suitable off the shelf e-commerce solution.

  • Premium Content

    The most important aspect of the project was to make sure that the suits themselves were featured properly. All of the elements of the site, from font choices, layouts and photography had to have a premium aesthetic.

The Team


Software Developer


Interface Developer


Interface Designer


Product Manager


When we sat down with the Suitly team, it was obvious they were committed to the quality of their products. It became very clear to the designer that strong photography and great copy would become the hallmark of the experience. Playground investigated a wide range of shopping carts but nothing suited the customization needs of the client. We opted to create a complete e-commerce tool from scratch. We identified product hierarchy and began designing a solution that delighted the customer, was easy for the team to manage and connected directly to their supply chain partners.

The Design

Targeting the young professional who was aware of incumbents in the space, we knew the challenge would be standing out from the competition. A calculated approach was taken to converting visitors. We designed a linear narrative funnel that lead visitors through photographic style stories. At the end of the process easy to use suit customization tools made the experience personal, clear and satisfying.

Three Piece Solution

Suitly was a true systems design challenge. The solution included a full e-commerce suite tailored to handle product customization, customer communication, order processing, and supply chain management. Additionally, the site is powered by a robust custom content management system that is as intuitive as the customer experience.

Design beyond the website

Building a business, not just a website

Each touch point had to make the customer feel good. Whether that is their first visit to the website, the first suit they customized or their receipt. We went out of our way to ensure that even the receipt felt as designed as the suit itself.


An eloquent cart, an elegant experience

In order to make your customized suit feel even more personal, we took a human approach to describing the details. The order confirmation page and receipt describes your suit customizations in a paragraph not a list.

It's ok to change your mind

Like any premium service, Suitly lets customers make granular alterations to their order up until the last minute without having to step backwards through the customization process.


Given the ambitious level of product customization, the real challenge would be in creating an end-to-end solution that allowed for the creation of new products with multiple options, outbound communication to customers, suppliers and logistics providers and the CRM tools for the team. We focused on three elements, the e-commerce solution, end-to-end design and the integration with third-party services.

Custom E-Commerce Solution

Using the Django Python development framework, we created a custom e-commerce platform that made it easy to add new content, manage customers and interact with providers. The system was designed to support large scale product imagery and any number of customizations to a new product.

Supply Chain Integration

The e‑commerce system require integration with their fulfillment and logistics providers. For merchant services we used Paypal Pro’s API, purchase orders were generated as PDFs for suppliers and logistics services were automated through tight integration with DHL.


In a competitive market, it takes attention to detail to stand out. Suitly is an exercise in the details. Their bespoke production process required a bespoke website. A real understanding of the entire production process was necessary to tailor a solution that would work. Not only is the design beautiful, but the process is as well. Discovery, intuitiveness, beauty and communication are the tools that help a new customer feel comfortable about having a suit custom tailored online, and those were the tools we used to deliver the project.